One of Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd brand products: medical laryngeal mask

[Ingredients] The laryngeal mask capsule component, the indicator capsule component and the trachea component are used. This product consists of laryngeal mask intubation, inflation tube, indicating balloon, cuff, ventilation mask, machine end connector and inflation valve. The material of laryngeal mask intubation tube, inflation tube, indicating balloon, cuff and ventilation mask is polyvinyl chloride, the material of machine end joint is polypropylene, and the material of inflation valve is polyvinyl chloride nitrile stainless steel. The product is ethylene oxide sterilized. One-time use.

[Usage] Laryngeal mask is an effective means to establish a safe airway in general anesthesia.

Laryngeal mask for general anesthesia surgery, and to ensure that the patient breathing breathing channel, laryngeal mask can be closed laryngeal pharyngeal cavity and laryngeal cavity of a device, can avoid laryngeal pharyngeal secretions into the laryngeal cavity, affect the respiratory function of patients with general anesthesia, laryngeal mask central respiratory channel directly connected with the laryngeal cavity, distal access to the ventilator, to maintain the patient breathing. Laryngeal mask because unlike tracheal intubation, through the larynx into the trachea, can avoid damage to the laryngeal cavity, resulting in circular arytenoid joint dislocation, to avoid damage to the tracheal mucosa, suitable for other parts of the body except the upper respiratory tract surgery anesthesia surgery

Model: ordinary medical laryngeal mask, enhanced medical laryngeal mask, esophageal drainage type medical laryngeal mask

Specifications: 1.0#, 1.5#, 2.0#, 2.5#, 3.0#, 4.0#, 5.0#

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