The Mid-Autumn Festival Warms the Heart-Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd Mid-Autumn Festival Benefits for Employees


Sep 09,2022



On September 8, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to let every employee feel the warmth given by the company, but also to thank everyone for their hard work and enhance the cohesion of the company and the sense of belonging of the employees. With the care of the leaders of Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd and the hard preparation of the staff, the company has issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to all on-the-job employees, so that each employee can have a successful Mid-Autumn Festival.

As in previous years, good things should be shared together, and in order to promote the better extension of corporate culture, the group requires all registered female employees to bring their parents-in-law to receive welfare and share a harmonious and happy family. Under the unified arrangement of the group's administration and personnel department, cadres and workers will receive them in an orderly manner in time periods and batches. In the process of distribution, the staff helped to carry, distribute, and clean up the aftermath. The busy figure shuttled back and forth in the crowd, warm and loving......

At the scene, the joy of the employees was beyond words, and the heavy welfare brought laughter and happiness to the employees. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the group leaders for their care and care for each employee. They will definitely turn the care given by the company into a driving force, take the company as their home, love Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, build Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, and be loyal to Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, and use high work enthusiasm to grasp business, Create benefits, and use practical actions to make more contributions to the development of the group!

A Mid-Autumn Festival welfare represents good wishes and conveys the care of the enterprise to the employees. Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd is not only a platform for the development of cadres and employees, but also a big family that loves each other. Every employee is a member of the family. Over the years, the leaders of the group have attached great importance to the humanistic care for employees. Every traditional festival, they will issue intimate and affordable welfare gifts to employees, which embodies the "people-oriented" corporate culture. While enhancing cohesion, it also improves the employees' sense of ownership of the enterprise as their home, making the employees feel the warmth of family, It adds impetus to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Welfare ends, happiness continues. In order to let everyone feel the festive atmosphere and join in this festival full of strong traditional culture, the group organized all employees to spend the warm festival and hold the annual Mid-Autumn Festival dinner.

The feast begins. The leaders of the company expressed cordial greetings to the employees present and expressed their holiday wishes. Everyone raised their glasses and spoke freely. While tasting delicious food, everyone expressed their own opinions, set up family routine and talked about hobbies, so that communication was everywhere. During the happy dinner, they did not forget to look forward to the future and enjoyed the strong atmosphere of the festival.

In the end, the dinner party ended in a warm and happy atmosphere. This activity reflects the company's humanistic care for employees, so that employees feel the warmth and care of the company's big family.

Here, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd wishes its partners and all employees a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!

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