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Epidemic prevention work, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd has been in action

In the face of sudden epidemic, the company will continue to adhere to the prevention and control of the epidemic with one hand and the greening construction with the other. All members will adhere to the spirit of "unity of purpose, unity, selfless dedication and common control of the epidemic", carry the responsibility on their shoulders, write their original intention in action and put their mission on their posts. On August 1, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd donated medical protective clothing, medical masks and other protective materials to Shejia Town People's Government, help prevent and control the outbreak. We will practice the creed of "creating value and giving back to society" with our own practical actions, give great love in the face of disasters, give what we have in the face of difficulties, and make concerted efforts to win the national war against the epidemic.

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Create value to give back to the society, forge ahead and continue to surpass

On September 15, at the Youth Chamber of Commerce meeting organized by the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee of Changyuan City, Mr. Yang Chaofeng, general manager of Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Xinxiang City, 2021.

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Caring for Employees' Health, Organizing Physical Examination, Warming People's Heart-Record of Health Examination Activities Organized by Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd

To ensure the health of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, build a harmonious internal environment, and enhance their health awareness and physical quality, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd organized all employees to carry out health check-up activities in batches on July 30 and 31 this year. The purpose is to let employees know their health status in time and enhance their health awareness. The company has always attached great importance to the physical and mental health of employees, and regularly organizes physical examinations for employees to protect their physical and mental health.

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