Assault Exercise Preparedness-Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd Launching 2022 Fire Emergency Exercise


Sep 24,2022



Autumn, a harvest season, at the same time, is also a nostalgic season, the wind is beautiful, not cold or hot. The outskirts of the field has also become a golden sea. Large tracts of corn have been put on golden autumn clothes, shaking their heavy bodies with the autumn wind, setting off layers of wind and waves. The air is filled with the sweetness of melons and fruits. In the nearby orchard, the full-grain grapes are shining purple under the sunlight. Red apples and golden pears are smiling at us on the branches, as if telling people the news of picking soon.

In the atmosphere of this autumn, when the National Day is approaching, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, in order to celebrate the smooth convening of the 20th National Congress of the motherland, but also to strengthen daily safety work, popularize emergency management knowledge, and improve employees' ability to properly handle accidents in emergency situations. In order to eliminate potential fire safety hazards, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd, at 11: 50 on September 23, was close to the critical moment of leaving work at noon, without any notice and arrangement, the event simulation of sudden fire was carried out. The purpose is to further verify and test the fire safety awareness of the company's employees through this emergency, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, whether organized safe evacuation and corresponding safety measures can be achieved, whether the use of fire extinguishers can be truly mastered and the ability to design safe escape.

In this emergency, Chairman Yang Tonglin was the commander-in-chief to guide the scene, and all employees participated in the exercise. In order to achieve the effect of actual combat drills and improve the ability to organize personnel to evacuate and escape, the company's production department strives to cooperate. When the alarm was spread in the WeChat group, the person in charge of safety in each region immediately organized the employees in the region to evacuate the site in an orderly manner according to the prescribed evacuation route, and quickly evacuated the site to the designated place.

At the same time, a temporary safety working group was set up to be responsible for the organization and command of evacuation and escape drills. Learning basic fire fighting knowledge and fire fighting methods, combining theory with practice, and conducting fire fighting drills to improve the initial fire fighting ability of employees. Through this fire drill, the staff improved their ability to respond to emergencies, enhanced their awareness of fire safety, and mastered the operation and use steps and methods of general fire fighting equipment.

During the exercise, the cooperation ability of various departments has been improved. Personnel, fire fighting equipment, mechanical tools and other organizational ability, command ability and adaptability have also been trained, which also made the surprise exercise a complete success. Through this fire drill, the safety awareness of employees has been further strengthened, the ability to deal with emergencies has been tested, the feasibility and operability of the fire plan have been tested, the emergency rescue process has been familiar, the emergency command, and the coordination of emergencies And the ability to deal with has been further improved, laying the foundation for the efficient and orderly development of safe production in the future.

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