One of Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd brand products: medical oxygen mask

medical oxygen mask classification:

(1) oxygen mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, elastic band, mask connector, oxygen tube, cone connector, etc.

(2) Adjustable mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, oxygen concentration regulator, elastic band, cone joint, conversion joint, atomization joint, etc;

(3) No heavy suction mask: it is mainly composed of oxygen bag, oxygen bag connector, conversion connector, side hole, mask, nose clip, elastic band, cone connector, oxygen tube, cone interface, mask connector, etc.

(4) Atomization mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, conversion joint, elastic band, atomization tank, cone joint, oxygen pipe, cone interface, etc.

(5) cut mask: mainly composed of elastic band, cut mask, spherical joint, curved joint, etc. Main performance and structure: oxygen storage system is composed of mask, oxygen storage bag, T-shaped tee, oxygen delivery catheter and fixed components.

Purpose: For breathing difficulties, hypoxia patients when oxygen use.

[method of use] oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, the mask is placed on the face of the patient, and the mouth and nose are closed. The mask is fixed to the head of the patient using a fixing member, and oxygen is inhaled.

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