Epidemic prevention work, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd has been in action


Aug 03,2021



At present, the form of the epidemic in Nanjing is complex and severe, some provinces and Zhengzhou City have appeared in the local epidemic, in the face of the new epidemic, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd General Manager Yang Chaofeng actively responded, according to the company's epidemic prevention work deployment arrangements, fully engaged in the war "epidemic", build a safety line of defense. Notices, registration, routine inspections and patrol inspections will not let go of any loophole. Whenever dangerous situations arise, the figure of Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd is always "rushing forward and scrambling". It is not an obligation, it is an ordinary concern in the obligation. Not ordained, but a positive priority after ordained.

During the epidemic prevention period, the company's leaders were on the frontline staff and actively did a good job in logistics support. Information collection, material procurement, epidemic prevention publicity, epidemic prevention measures and other work together to build a "safety net", strictly treat the critical period of epidemic prevention, and ensure the life safety of every employee. In the face of the severe epidemic prevention situation, Chairman Yang Tonglin also held an emergency meeting on epidemic prevention work in a timely manner to arrange and deploy the epidemic situation, prevention and control measures, hidden danger investigation, and supply of protective materials. The spirit of instructions to ensure production under the current epidemic situation, and to make an emergency plan for the epidemic, establish an epidemic emergency work leading group, and earnestly put the life safety of employees first and prevent problems before they occur. In the process of information collection, we should "do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors", check every migrant to the factory in the high and medium risk areas officially released, and supervise every employee at the same time. Once abnormal body temperature and other adverse conditions are found, report them in time. The company currently has sufficient epidemic prevention reserves, and for all employees, measuring body temperature at the same time, daily distribution of disposable masks, disposable gloves and other protective tools. The company not only pays attention to the safety protection of internal employees, but also pays more attention to the health protection and disinfection of external business personnel.

In the face of sudden epidemic, the company will continue to adhere to the prevention and control of the epidemic with one hand and the greening construction with the other. All members will adhere to the spirit of "unity of purpose, unity, selfless dedication and common control of the epidemic", carry the responsibility on their shoulders, write their original intention in action and put their mission on their posts. On August 1, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd donated medical protective clothing, medical masks and other protective materials to Shejia Town People's Government, help prevent and control the outbreak. We will practice the creed of "creating value and giving back to society" with our own practical actions, give great love in the face of disasters, give what we have in the face of difficulties, and make concerted efforts to win the national war against the epidemic.

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