Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd sincerely congratulates the 39th Teacher's Day holiday!


Sep 10,2023



Education is the foundation of human progress, and teachers are the backbone of education. It is because of the hard work and selfless dedication of teachers, there is today's social development and human civilization and progress. At this memorable moment, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd extends its highest respect and deepest blessings to all teachers across the country.

The importance of the teaching profession is needless to say. They not only impart knowledge, but also enlighten wisdom, shape moral character and lead life. The hard work and dedication of the teachers have guided the direction of every child's growth path and cultivated batches of useful talents for the society. In him, we see the spirit of dedication, love and dedication, which is what our whole society should actively advocate and learn.

In this special period, teachers accompany the children through every difficulty with the most sincere care and the most attentive teaching, laying a solid foundation for their growth and development. They keep up with the pace of the times, constantly update educational concepts, use novel teaching methods, stimulate children's interest in learning and creativity, and help them better adapt to this rapidly changing world.

At the same time, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd has been committed to providing all-round support for education. We know that a strong country cannot do without education. We are willing to work closely with educational institutions and teachers across the country to jointly promote the development of China's education and contribute to the cultivation of more outstanding talents.

On the occasion of the 39th Teacher's Day, we once again express our heartfelt thanks and high respect to you. Let us join hands and make unremitting efforts for a better tomorrow in education! Here, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd sincerely wishes all teachers a happy holiday, good health, smooth work and happy family!

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September 10, 2012

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