Caring for Employees' Health, Organizing Physical Examination, Warming People's Heart-Record of Health Examination Activities Organized by Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd


Jul 31,2022



To ensure the health of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, build a harmonious internal environment, and enhance their health awareness and physical quality, Evereast Medical Products Group Co.,Ltd organized all employees to carry out health check-up activities in batches on July 30 and 31 this year. The purpose is to let employees know their health status in time and enhance their health awareness. The company has always attached great importance to the physical and mental health of employees, and regularly organizes physical examinations for employees to protect their physical and mental health.

The physical examination includes venous blood, blood pressure, chest X-ray, liver function regular and other professional comprehensive examination. Employees participating in the physical examination arrive at the physical examination center at the designated time, queue up to receive the physical examination form, and conduct item-by-item examination under the guidance of medical staff. This physical examination not only reflects the company's human care for employees, but also provides various medical and health care consulting services, allowing employees to enjoy professional and personalized physical examination services, and can carry out effective health interventions to reduce the incidence of occupational diseases in employees at work. It helps to solve the problem of sub-health status, truly demonstrates employees' concern for the health of the company, and at the same time allows senior managers to strictly implement standards in terms of personnel transfer, it helps to promote the protection of the company's core resources, reduce the loss of human resources, and understand the health of employees, which is important for daily work. By organizing physical examinations for employees, the company can understand the physical condition of each employee. In addition to expressing concern for the health of employees and promoting employees' sense of belonging to the company, it also helps to improve work efficiency and reduce absenteeism due to frequent illnesses and other problems that affect work progress. Reasonably arrange personnel positions through the physical examination report to determine whether different types of employees meet the job requirements of their positions. Personnel positions can be allocated according to their physical conditions, which helps to improve work efficiency.

Through the organization of staff physical examination, the company can understand whether the staff suffer from occupational diseases, especially in special industries, and the staff of special types of work can fully understand the physical condition after the staff physical examination, which can effectively prevent and control the incidence of occupational diseases. Regular organization of employee physical examination will make employees feel the health care of the enterprise, help to promote the close relationship between the enterprise and employees, and let employees feel the company's attention and care for themselves, which will greatly help to improve their work enthusiasm and promote their work enthusiasm.

Let everyone really feel the humanized care of the company. The body is the capital of the revolution. Only a healthy body can play the greatest role in their jobs. It also confirms the company's adherence to the people-oriented concept and enhances the relationship between the company and its employees. Feelings. Only in this way can timely detection, timely prevention, timely treatment, to protect the physical and mental health of employees. The company hopes that the majority of employees will always pay attention to their physical condition while working hard, be able to persist in exercise, enhance their physical fitness, and devote themselves to work and life with a healthy body and a positive attitude.

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